Buy Glass Pipes For Sale including Glass Animal Pipes, SteamRollers, chillums and Glass Spoon Pipes.

Premium Glass Pipe Shop in Miami

As an admirer of the glass art movement, it’s only logical that Midtown Smoke Shop would carry a wide assortment of glass, including glass water pipes, regular glass pipes, Chillums, Bubblers, Glass Hookahs, Rigs and Heady pieces.

If you are tired of ordering stuff online and being disappointed with what you receive, because what you see on the screen is not what you got, then come to visit our smoke shop in Miami. There are many things you can buy online, but glass pipes is not one of them! At MidTown Smoke Shop we have a massive selection and variety of hand pipe styles. We carefully hand pick the unique and interesting hand pipes here for you to see and touch! No more guessing how big or small that glass pipe is, compared to the other one! Just stop by and check it out!

Despite your budget, color or favorite style we’re sure you’ll find our diverse selection of affordable smoking pipes as well as dozens of crazy character pieces, spoon pipes, and bubbler pipes satisfactory. We have traveled to numerous conventions, trade shows, and contacted members through our large network of glassblowers all over the USA for the most unique and highest quality hand pipes.

We carry from affordable beginner glass to the connoisseur’s dream water pipe. Some of the glass companies that we currently carry are Medicali, Hvy Glass, Jerome Baker, ROOR, Grav Labs, Mathematix Glass, Quantum, Franticus, Evo, Black Sheep Gallery and Sky Glass. As well as artist such as Hitman, Beer Glass, Sokol, Anodyne Glass, O.D Glass, Jack Steel, J. Fizzle are just some of them. Our variety of glass pipes and water pipes is pretty impressive so come on by to Midtown Smoke Shop and check us out.